Looking for new boards particularly for lighter winds and difficult conditions we can encounter here.
These are my tests of Freestyle Wave or Wave, Quad, Tri and Single boards!

2013 Starboard Quad 82L 58.5cm top ⇧
2014 Fanatic Freewave 86L 58.5cm top ⇧
2017 Fanatic Freewave STB 85L 57.5cm top ⇧
2012 JP Freestyle Wave 84L 58cm top ⇧
2007 Tabou DaCurve 85L 54.5cm top ⇧
2012 Starboard NuEvo 86L 60.5cm top ⇧
2012 JP Single Thruster 82L 57.5cm top ⇧
Conditions and Findings top ⇧
Volume and Performance top ⇧
2010 Starboard Quad 86L 60.5cm top ⇧
Volume and Performance 2 top ⇧
2010 Fanatic NewWave Twin 86L 57.5cm top ⇧
2014 Angulo Chango 73L 54cm top ⇧
Multi-fin Thoughts top ⇧