We all have our own goals in life, for us windsurfers, the front loop (or forward loop) is one of those moves which inspires us. Also known as the spin loop (or speed loop) on flat water, the day I discovered this move on a freestyle video, I knew I had to learn it. The move is often explained in magazines or books such as the Tricktionary 3 Windsurfing Bible!
While we may hear things like: "It can be learned in one day" or "It's easy", this move does require full commitment. As an exaggerated airborne catapult, it is easy to understand why the mental barrier can be a challenge.
As I kept coming up with excuses (lack of, or bad orientation of ramps, wind not good, water too cold, too tired, not the right gear, etc.), on the 17th of November 2014, exactly 6 days before turning 40, I decided to use my birthday as a deadline for at least trying loops.
So this is my quest... my Quest to Loop!

A summary of three of my first days going for forwards!
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