Remembering how difficult it was to find cool windsurfing t-shirts, hoodies, or other clothes, I decided to start making my own! On this page, you'll find many windsurfing related items, from apparel to home decor, cell phone accessories to travel mugs, and much more.

Welcome to my STORE page!
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Each of the following designs is available for women, men or kids in a variety of colors.

Give Me More WIND
Eyes desperately stuck on
the wind chart!

WIND SURF Board & Sail
T-Shirt with cool Tiki style and
handwritten notes

Windsurfing Defying Science
Periodic Table Elements Design :)

Cool Surfer Girl T-Shirt
Dreaming about your next session?
This is YOUR shirt ;) !

Cool Surfer Boy T-Shirt
Dreaming about your next session?
This is YOUR shirt ;) !

Addicted to your GPS?
Nothing like a full-speed
planing session

Landed your first forward?
Wear this one with PRIDE :)

You'll make this look GOOOOD!
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Click below to explore my store (name: FrenchSalsa) and browse through all available items including wall art, clothes, bags, water bottles, etc.
Personal Spreadshirt Store top ⇧
Here you will find many different t-shirts, hoodies, for women, men and kids, also some accessories. The big advantage of the Spreadshirt shop is that you can even personalize your items! Useful for example with the sleeping child design.
Here are a few more Amazon nice windsurfing material and gift ideas, particularly recommend the Tricktionary 3 book :) ! top ⇧

Unleashed Windsurfing Movie

Windsurfing By Peter Hart

Best Of Windsurfing

Some media suggestions on the extreme subject :)

Robby Naish Poster Photo

Robby Naish Signed Photo
Dakine footstraps and harness suggestions: top ⇧

Dakine Primo Footstrap
Dakine T-8 Waist Harness
Here are some of the products I use and recommend: top ⇧

GoPro Hero 5 Session

Gorilla Clear Repair Tape